BITE bite

A new project of mine. A base to showcase my jQuery Plugins.
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Mosaique mosa

Fashion retail outlet in Stratford-upon-Avon.
Design & Development.
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Allison Katz Allison Katz

Simple Artist Blog/Portfolio site built on Wordpress. Responsive for tablets and mobile.

Responsive Design responsive

Totally Boring. Totally necessary. The all !mportant media queries that can build flexible sites that re-style themselves according to their device width. Here’s a basic HTML5 site that does just that – big screens medium screens and tiny mobile screens – either check it out Read more »

Let’s Build London Fields lblf

Cool little one page site .. I think all sites should be like these. Get the message across and have some nice simple graphics – clean and lots of space. Scrolling is something that flash could never get on with – and its so natural with Read more »

David Cooper 5359 dc

Artist David Cooper launches his online Gallery > releasing new works as they happen. jump to

Season Butler sb

Artist / Performer / Writer … Beautiful site with neat illustrations and some thought for writers content involving wordpress manmade plugins .. jump to

Enclave enclave

Enclave is a new-build architectural infrastructure in Deptford, South London, housing a strip of nine project spaces, gallery and art offices. Built with 10 users in mind to change various aspects of the site. Wonderful CSS3 3D Navigation!
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Queen of the Wild QOW

Queen of the Wild, simplicity in action. This is a stripped down update for the start of a redevelopment process for this young fashion label. HTML5 >
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Kordos k

KORDOS is a record label curated by Serena Korda and Daniel O’Sullivan.
Basic Wordpress child-theme template implementation with future proofing for adding more records/bands/projects to the Label, with lots of customisable features and jQuery helpers.
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Prano Bailey Bond p

Prano Bailey Bond, is a Film-maker / Editor. Simple portfolio site with Flash / PHP, with a simple backend to maintain the site and its navigation.
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Aura Satz aura

Modernize, validate and remove any Flash. The Animations on this site have been made with jQuery and Javascript. This is a personal site for the Acclaimed Artist, Aura Satz. Check out her work over mine.. jump to site:

Tai Shani tai

Tai Shani, Artist. Wordpress site, with interactive flash frontpage. It’s this alone that makes a simple site be something so much more.
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United Model Management unit

Two Sites built for ‘Model’ and ‘Creative’ parts of the United Management portfolio.
AJAX PHP and JQuery for the brilliant backend sections of the site, that allow the management of 5000+ images a breeze, as well as intuitive.
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Addie Brik ab

Beautiful full screen flash site, built for singer/song writer Addie Brik’s latest album release – Strike The Tent.
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Jim Woodall jim

Jim Woodall, Artist. Portal site to
Not Now Coming Soon, is a wordpress site – made for simplicity for both the client and user.
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Paul Kieve’s Stage Illusion pk

“The Invisible Genius of British Theatre”.
Paul Kieve is a Stage Illusionsit for Theatre and Film .. and so much more.
Site built with Flash/PHP/Wordpress/CSS
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Cold Comfort Projects row

Fullscreen Photography portfolio, built in flash.
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Emily Mcmehen em

Artist and Film maker, Emily Mcmehen.
Fullscreen Flash photography portfolio site.
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Marisa Carnesky carnes

Award winning show woman, Marisa Carnesky, and Creator of the Carnesky’s Ghost train, which is a permanent installation at Blackpool.
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Gretchen Schiller grt

Gretchen Schiller is a choreographer who works in the field of media dance, videodance, participatory installations and movement environments.
Fullscreen Flash site with php and html5 for cross-browser advantage.
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Josh Knowles jk

Flash and Wordpress site for Artist and Performer, Josh Knowles.
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Moo Bikes moo

Bespoke Fixed Wheel specialist.
Flash Gallery with ‘Zoom’ functionality which really gets into the close parts of the bike components.
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