Programink pi

A new dawn: Welcome to program(ink); A new site which will incorporate and house my canvas experiments and animations, all built within my own JS based canvas & vector framework. Using Backbone and RequireJs ..


Jumble jumble

A jQuery plugin that jumbles up the colours of your text headers, and can also animate them. Jump to site


Shards shard

A jQuery plugin that builds a CSS multi-layered gradient background on any element – resembling neon shards. Jump straight to the site


Stairway staiiiiirway

Dive in experiment with Three.js … > taking the headache out of the z-axis, and makes me look better at maths than I really am../ Impressive performance with the ever present three.js library on using webgl.


Scr[]ller srollo

Yep – use your scrolling intuition to see this one dance. Feels good on a track pad!


pulsifrica pulsifrica

The colours look like the 2012 Paralympic closing ceremony, as I type this. This gets pretty tronic when it starts feeding back.

Diffusion pattern#2

Diffusion pattern#2 diagonals

yeahhh – angularhhh

Diffusion pattern#1

Diffusion pattern#1 diffusion pattern

canvas diffusion experiment. NOt quite bitmap processing in as3 but a neat way indeed.


juggle swap

Simple. Weirdly delivers a notion that something makes sense, whilst being strangely hypnotic.


Twi$t red

endlessly twisting staircase .. just how im feeling .. ive been under with flu for too many days now.

Humming Bird

Humming Bird humming bird atomicircus

I think this is what birds really see.. There is a theory about birds perception of the earths magnetic field, and how they actually see this to navigate on mass to specific regions around the world. Some birds can see ultraviolet too (mating as usual), Read more »


V[0]rtex css

Q.Javascript or CSS3? – another paradigm shift into the future from things that start with Tron.
A.Both: making some smooth mooves after inspiration from John Witney’s video art from the 70′s.



The smoothness of this test is ‘native’ .. -webkit only, but definitely working the future here with this performance. This is the paradigim for the navigation of the Enclave website. What’s also nice is the ease 3D translates to CSS. Not that one is going to Read more »

Sining over to HTML5

Sining over to HTML5 sin

Made in Javascript. And it feels pretty good. Though I love Flash – JS feels like it’s part of the OS and runs because the code is there without the need to compile. This sense of freedom is a development that has been worth the Read more »

Recursive Dave

Recursive Dave hex

Making the move to javascript .. I will convert this to run with HTML5 standards. Working with Flash is fun to break out a concept – and then the only way is maturity onto canvas.  I’ve got an interactive version in action using the recursive nature Read more »


Fibonacci fibonacci

Using the fibonacci set to get co-ord pos of spirals and ‘ravey’ brocolli type patterns, once they set. When Simplicity is elegance, and the code does all the work. Read more »

Pendulem Waves

Pendulem Waves pendulem

After seeing this brilliant video online (see below) – I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect this natural phenomenon could be translated into code, and so I started whirring away to build an automated version of it .. so back to AS3, trigonometry and all the Read more »

Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop tom

Residency in La Breche Circus Development Centre in Cherbourg, France. Using live camera input and AS3 generated feed back effect to capture Tom ‘The Wheel’ Birringer performing his German Wheel for scene testing, developing an excerpt for Event Dimension. Tis Hard to see the real thing, Read more »

Triangle Wave

Triangle Wave triang

Built in AS3 An Experiment with pysudo 3D, filling in triangle shapes using particles and a grid system. The particles ‘escape’ from their co-ords due to proximity to the mouse, taking their triangular structure with them. I want to take this further – see the Read more »

star-field #aa01

star-field #aa01 str

Automated star-field generator based on the angle that spirals into all of nature: 137.5 This is using Fibonacci’s GOLDEN ANGLE – That angle is very important in describing how primordia form the spirals we see. It is, in fact, known as the golden angle. Here’s where Read more »

sight beyond site

sight beyond site Untitled-2

Exploration into navigation through sound. Using proximity with the mouse co-ords and sound levels can guide the user to navigate the space. It would be great to develop this technique into a full site that sits in the dark, until heard where to reveal the Read more »

pop pop

pop pop strs

Interactive morph and chase effect… I love self generative graphics using For Loops, the result that got me into coding in the first place. This was used in a Tai Shani project that consists of a theatrical re-working of ‘World on a Wire’, Rainer Werner Read more »

Dog Face Geisha

Dog Face Geisha dawg

Inside the Dog Face Geisha bar, Block 9, Glastonbury 2010 .. This interactive pug was projected onto a polystyrene sculpture, looming over the stage.. By Using the MIC class, his features were animated to react to the volume levels and act as the MC for the evening, lip Read more »


Ladder drop

going up? It’s in your hands when to jump… I made this little test making animations trigger when the ‘camera’ reaches certain positions. With the idea being about exploration and story telling. It’s not that exciting – but It’s aim is to be controlled by Read more »


16mm 16

Animated 16mm Effect Cool little Class which applies the nature of film through a projector – with skips, natural bleaching, scratches, bulb flicker, analogue blurring and loads of For Loops! The Class works with just the need for a feed of two images – being Read more »